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Electric Vehicle Solutions Provider

At SMV, we are dedicated to making electric mobility accessible and affordable for everyone. Our comprehensive EV Solutions include not just the sale and service of top-of-the-line electric rickshaw, but also access to formal finance options, insurance coverage, and training to ensure our customers have all the resources they need to make the most of their electric vehicle.


“Vahini” (Female owner of e-rickshaw), aims to empower women through mobility by creating women micro-entrepreneurs in last-mile transportation and offering safe, affordable & eco-friendly transport to female passengers.

SMV provides electric rickshaw fitted with cloud-based camera & Smart Phone (to ensure the safety of women drivers & female Passengers), access to loans from formal financial institutions, and occupational support (License, Insurance, Driving Training & Financial Literacy) to women from low-income so that they can earn their livelihood.

SMART Charge

“SMART Charge”, a pay per use Battery Swap service, which gives access to high- performance lithium-ion batteries to electric-rickshaw drivers and helps them overcome issues of long charging time, battery maintenance & less mileage.

Through SMART Charge, SMV aims to increase the income of e-rickshaw driver by lowering the battery charging time and providing better mileage per charge compared to the lead- acid battery.